Literature Workgroup

The Literature group is one of the first groups formed in the association, which was founded by Nazanin Naderi (PhD and later professor of literature). Recently, the Literature Workgroup started its work in September 1401 with the secretary of Nariman Nawabi, one of the old members of the Afraz, with the main topic of reading Saadi Shirazi works (Persian poet). The goals of the workgroup are:

  • holding specialized meetings about the Persian language in order to gain a better understanding of historical, geographical, semantic and phonetic developments,

  • continuous and purposeful reading of Persian poetry and prose texts in the form of monthly meetings in order to improve the quality and quantity level of the members' knowledge about the texts that will eventually lead to cultural identification and re-fertilization,

  • holding short-term free literary courses in the field of literary and writing techniques, courses such as: editing, prosody and rhyme, etc.,

  • holding comparative literature seminars and its interaction with national literature in order to increase the fertility and evolution of national literature by using foreign literary works and masterpieces,

  • holding essays in order to properly and adequately recognize the country's literary capitals, which are rich reserves of cultural identity,

  • holding scientific-research conferences in the field of language and literature with the intention of utilizing the country's scientific capacity and monitoring scientific and research activities and series of meetings and

  • holding opening and review ceremony of new published books that will make the interested people more familiar with the published works of the day and expand the culture of reading books.

Nariman Navvabi
Secretary of Literature Workgroup
Master Degree in Nanomaterials